Immix Vocal Ensemble

Ruben Grevelink


What is your artistic training and background?

I started my artistic training at the Utrecht Conservatory studying the Bachelor of Music in Education. While studying here my interest for vocal music grew and after graduating I went on to study the master Innovative Choir Leading at The Royal Academy of Music in Aalborg,Denmark. During this masters I started my work as a conductor and at the moment I conduct an a capella choir and a pop/gospel choir and give workshops in this field.

What is you most memorable artistic experience?

I think this has to be performing with RAMA Voices at the closing concert of the Aarhus Vocal Festival in 2019. We performed fully improvised music in the middle of this big concert. What made this experience so special was the connection between the singers, the soloists and our musical leader. Everything that happened felt very organic and contributed to the story that we were telling through our improvised music.

Immix Vocal Ensemble sprung out from NKK NXT, a traineeship organized by the Nederlands Kamerkoor where young singers explore what choir singing is about by creating and producing their own performance. Why did you want to be a part of this program?

I just finished my masters and even though there was a lot of focus on creating and improvising I felt the need to discover myself more as a creator and a singer. The NKK NXT program felt as the perfect opportunity to do this. Besides this it also seemed like a nice opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and explore more of the classical side of vocal music

What is your superpower in Immix Vocal Ensemble?

I think my superpower in this group is my ability to listen to the others while singing and to accentuate our different voices or to blend together as one.