Immix Vocal Ensemble

Merel Wentink


What is your artistic training and background?

Iā€™m trained as a classical singer and as a music teacher.

What is you most memorable artistic experience?

During my studies I had the dream to become an opera singer. At some point I got invited to sing a contemporary short opera about Atlantis. I was the princess of Atlantis who was coming to earth to warn the audience about climate change. I had to sing everything in the opera gurgling, because that was the Atlantis language.

Immix Vocal Ensemble sprung out from NKK NXT, a traineeship organized by the Nederlands Kamerkoor where young singers explore what choir singing is about by creating and producing their own performance. Why did you want to be a part of this program?

I wanted to learn how to make a performance from scratch; to not only study the music and sing, but also to think about artistic content and production.

What is your superpower in Immix Vocal Ensemble?

To try to be always true to the story I find important to tell in a performance.