wendeβ€”de wildernis

After her much praised show MENS, Wende now develops her new fully Dutch performance De Wildernis. In collaboration with theatre group Oostpool, the Netherlands Chamber Choir and an (inter-)national artistic team Wende explores the wilderness within ourselves and in the outside world. She translates what lives in between our hearts and subconsciousness in a new multidisciplinary show.

As part of the NKK NXT Traineeship, the trainees contribute to the new show of singer Wende. During the making process of De Wildernis they develop themselves not only as ensemble singers, but also as performers in a theatrical pop concert. The musical diversity of Wende plays a big part in her productions and also with this performance the music won't be restricted to the borders of certain genres. In this new project she more specifically wants to research the integration of classical choir singing and new arrangements for choir for the songs that are developed for the new show, sung by the Immix Vocal Ensemble!